Step 1: Verification

Each and every individual who wishes to book time with one of our sensational luxury companions must first complete the verification process. We offer several options to do so, from which you can choose the best personal fit:

  • P411 -- Please PM us Via
    TER Whitelist -- Please Provide Handle as Well as Email Associated
    ECCIE/Recent (within 6mo)ECCIE Reviews -- Please PM us Via
    One or More Recent Industry References -- Provided They Respond Promptly
    Employment Verification 

Please Note:

The Verification Process is a necessary evil, and is a system implemented to maintain the safety of all involved parties. It is our TOP priority to ensure that our companions are free from any harm, danger, or involvement with law enforcement. Checks and Balances exist in every aspect of life and business. As a booking agent, your expectation is that we will meet a certain standard of product, etiquette, and service which we will do our very best to provide, consistently. We will ALWAYS work to MEET or BEAT your expectation. Please do your best to meet ours, ensuring our peace of mind, the ladies are in good hands

**The Falsification of information provide will result in your verification request being denied indefinitely**

We truly understand and respect the necessity for discretion, therefore; if you would rather not provide the info requested, no hard feelings. We just aren't a fit for you & wish you all the best! 

 A note from Upstairs:

We would like you to understand that your discretion is OUR discretion. We, each of us I am certain, have at least one thing in our lives we can't or simply aren't willing to let go of. Regardless of what that 'some'thing may be, I am confident that any known involvement in the hobby found to be true could force that very situation into becoming reality. In a whirlwind of chaos everyone's lives are affected. That cannot and will not be our reality, nor should it be yours. Any information collected for verification purposes is deleted upon verification. After that, call yourself  "King James", and we will too!!


Regards, B.